Tuesday, August 3, 2010

paint and procrastination station

I am a procrastinator. Not with all things but I am absolutely when it comes to big school projects. Lets take for instance the large paper I have due tomorrow for which I only have an outline. It on American tax dollars earmarked for the presidential nominating conventions. Should tax dollars go to these type of events, especially in the face of such a huge deficit? (fyi - the public has been footing a considerable portion of the bill since around the 1930s). But really, nothing in me cares at the moment. Terrible, I know. I chose this topic because it was the most interesting idea I could come up with that pertains to public finance (my summer course that concludes tomorrow).
Instead of focusing on that, I've decided to think about adding some pizzazz in the bedroom. Wait. That sounds wrong. Also it sorta looks like I want to add pizzas to the bedroom. I was just wanting to paint it and stuff. Its pretty boring in there. Wait. I'm not sure how comfortable I am with the innuendo's in this post. Maybe I can just show you a super boring picture and we can agree that it needs some paint and pictures and other such things. Lets consider this the before picture. However be warned that the after picture may be weeks or months away, depending on how long I choose to just think about this.

So my idea is to paint it a darker color (it doesn't get a ton of light so I'm thinking about just embracing that and making it a darker room) including that very prominent door so that it sorta disappears, adding lots of black and white photos that have meaning to us, and moving that nightstand I painted into another room and getting a lighter wood colored nightstand. Check out the wall color I'm considering:

I think if I have enough light colored things in the room to balance the color it could work... any suggestions? I really love this paint color. Maybe I should just go for it.


Tanya said...

I love the color. I don't know about you, but in my house the bedroom always seems to be the room that gets pushed to the back burner when it comes to decorating. I've been saying since Alan and I have been married (nearly 9 years!) that I want our bedroom to be the best room in the house! And no matter where we live, it's the most bland. You go for it - it's going to be gorgeous.

Leah Stone said...

will it match the bedding. It looks like they will go nicely together, but it is hard to tell from the photo. Man your room looks way better than the last time I saw it. Okay that sounds like your room looked like crap before. I don't mean it like that. I think it looks really nice already. Why don't you go hog wild and put up some wickedly awesome wallpaper.

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

love that the color you are choosing for you bedroom is reminisent of the living room color. and i think that we have the same lamb's wool rug...and where are you going to put red or hot pink or orange accent? oh, and i love this project....can i help? have you ever used that one fabric we bought? maybe we could do something with that?