Monday, August 16, 2010

Five Year Anniversary

This weekend we celebrated our 5 year anniversary. I've got to say, this year's celebration was the best by far. I even got to cross one of my 30 before 30 goals off - skydiving. More about that later. On Friday we had a lovely dinner at Bear Dance Cafe in Midway, Utah. It has excellent food and live music on the weekends. We wanted something off the beaten path and we certainly enjoyed the 20 minute drive through the beautiful canyon to get there.

We got back late because we just talked for hours about the last 5 years and the next 5 years and our next big Europe trip and all the exciting things there are in life. It was wonderful.
We got up early Saturday and drove nearly 2 hours to a weird, middle of nowhere place called Tooele Utah (pronounced too ill ah- from what I could tell from the locals). We watched an instructional video with Bill Booth, the founder and inventor of all things skydiving. I honestly don't remember a word that he said. I mean look at this guy:

When he spoke there was a ripple effect in his beard from his chin movements. No joke.
Then we got geared up and loaded into the plane. I'll let the pictures and video take over from here for a bit.

Wee fun, walking to the plane with no understanding of what lies ahead.

ok here is the video:

After skydiving we ate at Doug's favorite restaurant, Original Pancake House (see sigh via doug below). We were really hungry because we didn't dare eat before the jump. That night we hiked the mountain near our house, to the Y, and watched the sunset. My husband made it sound like it was a little walk up a mountain but it was stupid hard. Also I suck at hiking.
Here is the mountain:

Here is the view:
We topped off the weekend Sunday with church, a visit with my best friend Leah who was in town, an attempt to see my brother at the airport, a visit with some of our dear friends from Virginia who were in town and a concert at Red Butte Gardens with The Swell Season.
Here is Leah (she was out here for a wedding that she sang at and I was dumb and forgot to get a picture of the two of us):

Here are our friends from Virginia (and yes that is my husband showing his nipple - this is what happens when I tell him to smile pretty for the picture) -

And just one song at least from The Swell Season who are one of our favorite bands ever. Glen Hansard, the main singer and heart and soul of the band, is one of the 5 people that if the opportunity arises I can leave Doug for (we have small lists and rules - this is how you make it to your 5th anniversary. haha. just kidding.) I don't have a crush on Glen, I just love his music and the passion with which he sings. Ah Glen...
This video is crappy quality but the song is fabulous:

So that was our 5th Anniversary. Normally we go out to dinner and go to a movie or something. Life is short so we decided to step it up. Next year, hot air balloon ride. I've got to whittle down that 30 before 30 list somehow.


Doug said...

Can I just say that I'm only ghost white because the flash was hitting me dead on? Because it was.

Addison said...


Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

@duhg, yah cuz otherwise you're nice and tan because everyday this summer you've had time to workout and hang out by the pool:) we are so totally jealous that ya'll saw swell season, somehow we missed that one, you don't have to kid about leaving for Glen...Trav