Friday, October 28, 2011

fall living room

I've had a bit of a crappy week so instead of complaining and spewing negativity all over the interwebs, I thought I would just share a few pictures of our living room in the fall time. It's a happy place.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

week 29

Well here we are at week 29. I hadn't planned on showing the bump much but I think I will try and document it from here on out. If nothing else, I think its helpful for those women who are pregnant with twins to get a comparison. At least that has been mostly helpful for me (except for when I think - crap, look how amazing that woman looks).

So here is the babies update -

I had an INCREDIBLE baby shower this weekend thrown by my best friend Leah who flew from Colorado just to throw me this party. Isn't she the best? I wish everyone were so lucky to have such a wonderful person in their life. I didn't take any pictures because I was busy being...uh, showered?!
anyway, I will get some pictures from those who were able to snap a few of the event. It was just perfect.

The boys are both breech right now. Hopefully they will turn in the next little while and stay that way.

They weigh about 2.5 lbs (Baby A) and close to 3 lbs (Baby B). They need to double in size in the next few weeks before they are born.

I failed my gestational diabetes test. I go in for more testing tomorrow.

My husband and I attended a birthing class last week and have part 2 of the class this evening. We sat in the back and watched the instructor with wide eyes. Doug was very intrigued and learned a lot. He now tries to casually throw in words like "fundus" into our conversations. Fun! ...dus (that was terrible. sorry)

So that's the babies update for now.

Pray that they turn and grow and stay inside!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

stuck in an elevator

Well I had a unique experience today. I got stuck in an elevator for an hour and a half.

I was on the third floor of our building in a meeting and decided to check out the library in one of the offices up there. I was looking for a book on productivity (oddly enough) and roped a co-worker into helping me browse through the books. We grabbed a few books and then he held the elevator for me. The very second I stepped in, the elevator door closed and then freaked out. It started making noises and then all of the lights turned on. It was at that time that I mentioned that I have a strange electrical problem and that I've shorted out 5 computers at work and have blown almost every fuse in my house by plugging stuff in.
He didn't appreciate my withholding that information until then.
Luckily my co-worker had a phone and we were able to call the building operations manager who then called the elevator people who showed up quite quickly.

There was a large crowd outside when we finally emerged. They clapped and cheered for us. I felt a little like a rock star.

And I was told later that telling the elevator people that there is a lady who could possibly deliver twins any day stuck in the elevator, really sped up the average response time.

So see? Being pregnant isn't all bad?! :)

And here is some proof -

Above is some of my co-workers having fun OUTSIDE the elevator

Below is a picture of me emerging from the elevator with my co-worker Jason (check me out looking huge at 28 weeks pregnant)

Monday, October 10, 2011

cider and pumpkins and a song

We had a fabulous time pressing apples on Saturday night to make cider. Man that stuff is GOOD!

Tonight we are headed to a pumpkin patch. I love getting pumpkins from patches. It's so much more romantic. Wouldn't you agree?

And also I love this song. I listened to it about 100x today.

That is all for now.

Friday, October 7, 2011

from my office window

This is the view I'm looking out on today. It snowed yesterday in the mountains. I live (and work!) in a beautiful place.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

heteropaternal superfecundation and other things I'm learning

So we found out on Friday that the boys are what are known as 'di/di' twins. This means they are Dichorionic/Diamniotic, which in normal people speak means that they are in two separate sacs and have two separate placentas (we actually knew this before but I wasn't familiar with the medical term). This is the safest situation for twins (woot!) and also means that the chance of them being fraternal (or non-identical) is somewhere between 75% - 99%. We won't know for sure until after they are born. They will first do a blood test to see if they have the same blood type. If they do, then we will do a DNA test in order to determine if they are identical. Some people opt not to have this test done but I feel like it's important information for them and for us in case of any medical situations in the future.

I've started to have a lot of contractions this week. Most of them are fairly mild but a few have been pretty hard. I've started to get really worried about them being born very prematurely. I'm at 27 weeks this week and really need to get to at least 34 weeks. I constantly look up terrible things about how early twins can be delivered and survive. Right now they have a really good chance but they'd be in the NICU for a very long time. Ugh. It makes me sad to think about. There are so few things to comfort me about all this. I feel them kick and I hear their heartbeats at the appointments but I want more. I have literally tried to find out if I could purchase a little heartbeat hearing device thingy just to calm my nerves. Turns out people don't really sell hospital equipment like that to street folk... and x-ray machines? Don't even try. :)

Oh and heteropaternal superfecundation? yeah it's like a really rare twin thing where a woman gets pregnant while she is already pregnant and gets pregnant by a different father. So essentially she has two separate babies in her stomach by two different men that are gestationally about a month or so apart.

I read about all these random twin things now. It's a sickness.

Maybe say a prayer that these boys stay put for at least 6 more weeks. We'd appreciate it.