Friday, June 28, 2013

6 months. whoa.

its been a while.
In the last 6 months -
The boys have learned to walk, run, climb, speak (30+ words), and master all manners of dexterity.
Doug has finished his first semester, turned 30, placed in the top 5 in a screenwriting competition, secured a TA position for next year, taken on several projects, and taken care of the boys all the while.
I have started a new job (back in March) and am loving it. I'm the training manager at a small company that is extremely family friendly and completely great to work for. Yay!
We've taken several trips as a family - New York and Pennsylvania in March, Dallas and Denver in May.
Also in May we moved a few blocks up to a house that is twice as large as the one we were renting previously. Its a great place and we are glad we made the move (though moving was stressful, as it always is).
This weekend our amazing nanny and her beautiful daughters are moving to Utah and we are completely heart-broken over her departure. Even now, just writing it, I cry. It also means we are back to square 1 in the childcare department. Le sigh. I'm not sure we'll ever have another helper we love as much as Vera. She has been so good to our boys and she is truly one of my favorite people on the planet. Sometimes I get a little sad thinking that they won't remember her and all that she did for them. Hopefully we will all stay in close contact so they won't have to remember.

Charlie - left, Vera - center, Whit - right

Other than that, we don't have too much else going on. We are enjoying a summer full of bbq, watermelon, and lots of swimming. I'll be better about updating and providing pictures. Soon Doug will have an instagram account and then he can post pictures of the boys everyday (which is the only pictures anyone wants to see anyway).

much love to any of you checking in here. We sure miss our friends.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

well hello there

If you were at our house, you would know why that is the title of this blog post. I received a mustache for my key chain that says "well hello there" in a sexy voice and the boys play with it all the time. "Well HELLLOOOO there!"
So, whatcha been doin?
Us? Oh you know. Rrrr wait. Nope. Nope you have no idea. Ha.
Well lets see...

The Boys
The boys are awesome. Check these out

Doug took those the other day. The are SOOC (straight-out of the camera - manual settings). Impressive right? Photos are so deceiving though. They had been playing in the yard and trying to eat bugs and there is mud all over their clothes and they were pissed that we were sitting them on the wicker bench for like 4 seconds to get some photos. They only smiled because, well this is kinda cute actually, they smile because I held up there brother and tickled him tell he squealed and when their brother laughs, they laugh. How cute is that? As it so happens, pretty much anytime they laugh, we laugh.
So lots of laughing has been happening.
Charlie had a hernia surgery. Whitman is tongue-tied (the little string that connects your tongue to your mouth is really tight and his tongue doesn't come all the way out - also explains why he never latched as good as Charlie during the BF days, who knew?) We are opting to not do surgery and to wait to see if it will self-correct (these things sometimes self-correct. Who knew? heh.)
Um what else?
They are wrestling, like, non-stop. Seriously. All the live long day they want to wrestle with each other, with me, with Doug, with the cat, with somebody's kid at the playground.
They are so very curious. They are into EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe in this little house. If you take your eyes of them for even a second they will have something terrible in their little hands and will be giggling and crawling away from you as quickly as their little bodies will allow. And if you make the mistake of thinking something is safe for them to play with, like, I don't know, a chess set from Aruba that has a lock on it, well they will figure out the lock and then proceed to try to eat all the little pieces and then will HIDE the pieces from you so they can try to eat them later when you think you've pried every last piece our of their little sneaky hands.
They are starting to walk every once and a while. Charlie can take a few steps and is trying it out more and more each day. Whit. Ha. Oh Whit. He will take one set and then burst out laughing and shaking with excitement and then fall down.
They both start out each morning holding onto the sides of their cribs and competing with each other to see who can jump the highest. They LOVE to jump in their cribs.
They are babbling a ton and know mama, dada, meow, and something that sounds like "shet". I think it might be "this" but I can't quite decipher it yet. They could very well be cursing, those damn pirates. Who the hell would have taught them that? :)    (...doug of course)

speaking of...

The Doug
The Doug is also awesome. He got all A's his first semester. He has received some terrific feedback about his writing and his future writing career. He is super healthy and working out and taking care of himself. I think he is doing better right now than he has in a really long time. I don't know how many of you know this but Doug struggles with depression (something we only figured out about a year ago) and now that we have officially diagnosed, he has be doing the therapy thing and the medication thing, and life is completely awesome again. We have learned some pretty incredible things about mental health and we (and major credit to Doug here - he has been unwavering in his efforts to overcome depression - not at easy task) are committed to doing everything we can to never go through the depths of depression again. Its not exactly mine to talk about so I won't go into great detail here but sufficeth to say that we've had some rough times over this past year and its nice to finally have The Doug back.

The Me
Pop pop!
Well I don't know. I'm kinda all over the place these days. I had a job. I had a full time job that was a good job and paid well and was a smart career choice and then I quit it. I wasn't happy there and we had family stuff going on and I just didn't feel like it was the right place. So now I'm back on the job hunt and I got a firm offer for a terrific part-time job that would be the perfect amount of hours doing a mediocre job but at good pay for a part time gig and I just turned that down on Friday. So like, what the hell? Ha. Yeah I don't know. I'm trying this new thing out where I follow my heart and have faith. Its weird. Its totally illogical and uncomfortable. I don't like it. I feel insecure. I hate that feeling. I had this terrific meeting with some amazing people about a week ago where they asked me to write up a job proposal of exactly how many hours I wanted, what pay and title I wanted, and what job responsibilities I wanted, and they would try to make it happen. Shah. That just happened. So of course I did that and now I'm just waiting to see what they think. If that works out, I might poop my pants. That would be crazy! (the job thing - the poop my pants thing is like 'meh' same ol same ol). But you know, trying not to get my hopes up in case it doesn't work out.
But, I think something will work out.
The truth is I'm really just trying to use this time here in Texas to figure out what the crap I want. And who do I want to be and where do I want to go. So far I've come up with - I think I want to get a PhD in Org Behavior. I want to study how to make people happy at work. Did you know that at some huge companies, like Google, they actually hire PhD's to come in and work with HR to make people happy? They want to improve retention and recruitment efforts, etc. Can you believe that? Wouldn't that be awesome. Yeesh. And I love the idea of teaching at a college to the next generation of business students and impart on them ideas on how to improve their daily working life and improve the culture and working life of wherever they go. I've already determined what my research would be on and I've got a working title for my dissertation... yeah got it all planned.
Just got to get in.
But who knows? Maybe God will move me in an entirely different direction. I'm trying this follow my heart thing remember? Its so weird. You should read The Alchemist. It had a big impact on me.
And in other news, I really like my babies. Like, I'm addicted to them and even though I need a break from them every day, I can hardly wait for them to get up from their nap or get up in the morning so I can hug them and love on them till they get annoyed and whine to be let go. Its amazing what a little nap can do to recharge my "I'M SO FREAKING IN LOVE WITH YOU" battery.
So yeah.

Ok. I'm going to bed. Wish I could promise more posting but the truth is, I don't have much time. When the boys sleep I have to get stuff done or do something for my "me time" and blogging seldom makes the cut. But I will continue to post random updates on our fam for those of you I don't get to email as often.

much love to you all