Thursday, August 19, 2010


The other night someone stole our wicker bench off of our porch. It happened sometime during the night when we were home and the porch light was on. It is a strange thing to have happened. We live in a safe neighborhood and in a very safe city. The sad thing about this whole event though is the effect it has had on our cat. If you didn't think I was a crazy cat lady before then you will now. That bench belonged to our cat, truly. She was always on that bench. She slept on it. She sharpened her claws on it. She used it as an obstacle course. She would run up the sidewalk at lightening speed and with one clean leap from the sidewalk she could bypass the entire porch and land on the bench. She is so use to having it that she keeps leaping on to it but its not there. She sits just where it used to be and looks at us all forlorn.
Don't get me wrong. I'm kinda weirded out that someone straight stole something off of our porch. We even booby trapped the rest of the furniture on our porch and tied a string all the way back to the bedroom so that if someone tried to take it, it would yank on my husbands arm. Yeah. Hows that for a security system and thinking like a 10-year-old? If we could've figured out how to get a mud pie to fall on their heads when they tried to grab stuff then we would've done that too. But mostly I'm kinda sad for my cat. I mean, look at that face...


Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

that is just creepy mean....sorry patches. i'll write my thesis, just not by this month... you and my friend wendy would get along great:)

Leah Stone said...

Ok the arm pit comment cracked me up. Now you are in trouble. Sorry about the robbery---what buttheads---poor patches.