Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hello forlorn blog

Oh this blog. What a sad state it sits in.

I write on you today to list my goals for 2014. I like the idea of having them out there to hold me a bit more accountable, even if it is on an oft-abandoned place such as this. I would catch this place up on all the happenings but I don't really feel the need. I think the purpose of the blog has always been a bit challenging to me. Do I blog to journal? Not really but maybe a little. Do I blog to publicly discuss? Maybe but not that much. Why in the world do I blog? I don't know. It doesn't really feel like an outlet to me and I'm not motivated to keep it up for others. SO while I'd like to say that I will make more effort here, I don't know that I will. I think it will be a completely random occurrence like this post. :)

So here are my goals. I separate them into areas of myself to work on (spiritual, mental, physical, etc). Not all of them are "smart" (measurable, achievable, blah blah blah) but I like them and I feel good about them soooo there. Anyway, here they are:


1.       Make the bed everyday
2.       Kitchen sink/countertops clean every night
3.       Bathrooms 1x per week
4.       Vacuum/sweep 1 – 2x per week.
5.       Sheets/pillow cases every other week
6.       Get rid of more stuff


1.       Homemade meals at least 5x per week (leftovers 2x a week)
2.       No soda
3.       Drink water before every sweet
4.       Find milk alternative (for Jo)
5.       No food after 9pm
1.       Work out 2-3x per week (7 min workout program at least)
2.       Go on walks every day of nice weather
3.       Townhome with gym in LA
4.       Bed by 11pm weeknights
5.       Whole family vitamin everyday

1.       GRE practice test every Friday morning Feb – May, test in June/July
2.       Read every weeknight before bed
3.       Learn Adobe Captivate and Connect software
4.       Improve my drawing skills

1.       Read Book of Mormon (follow 1 year reading plan)
2.       Attend church every week
3.       Say prayers before dinner, with boys before bed, & as couple after boys in bed
4.       Sunday night gratitude journal
5.       Keep the Sabbath day holy


1.       Attend church/social events
2.       Have someone to dinner 1x per month
3.       Call family/friends on Sundays
4.       Be a better mom – PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE, get on the floor, play
5.       Be a better wife – serve and date

6.       Be better to self – smile in the mirror
      So those are my goals. I have ones for work but those don't really make sense to post on a personal blog. 2014 is going to be a very exciting year. Doug graduates with his Masters Degree. We move to LA. My job will hopefully transfer with us. Doug will hopefully secure employment as a screenwriter. The boys will likely start joy school 2x a week in the fall. We'll celebrate our 9 year anniversary. Annabelle will turn 10 YEARS OLD!!! Crazy. Anyway, these are my goals. Its taken us a while to be able to get back on the wagon after having the boys. Its amazing how long it takes to feel like yourself again and be able to get in a groove and have goals. The first 2 years with them has mostly been about survival. But now I think we are ready to move beyond that and move into thriving, not just surviving. 

      Ok. Thats all. I'll post again in a long time probably. Much love to anyone who still reads this thing. :) 

(Charlie - Left, Whit - Right: Taken at G&G Crabbs Christmas 2013)