Monday, March 28, 2011

Get your dance moves on

Time to celebrate friends. We've finished our thesis...again (and maybe not for the last time) but who the hell cares. We are done RIGHT NOW with it!!! Give it a minute or so (the video) ... and then dance like you mean it (I know I am) edit - when I said give it 1 minute I meant give it 3 min. Or skip to 3 min, when I like to get down with my bad self also balloons = celebration, in case you were wondering the connection there...

Friday, March 25, 2011

goats and streaking

I've been pretty grumpy this week. I think too many of my posts are complainful, so rather than tell you the woes of my week, let me just share some videos that my husband has sent me when I needed to smile.

Check out these cuties (totally worth 00:47)

And then this video. hahaha. I'm laughing before I even embed it. Ha.

OK - first let me explain: you might not find this as funny as I do. I have a fascination with streaking (not like in a sick way, but like in a 'wow, awesome' kind of way). In fact I once had a post about it and a hilarious picture but decided to take it down in case some of the parents of the teenagers I oversee heard about it or something and realized how crazy it is that I'm in charge of impressionable youth (also I'd be really sad if someone got major offended and I wasn't able to work with them anymore). I don't think that would happen but you never know. And apparently more people read this than just myself and my friend Sheesh. Hi Sheesh!

Anyway, the video doesn't show no privatey parts so don't get too uptight (AND make sure you have your speakers on)

BAAAAHahahahaha. Gets me every.dang.time.

I don't know. I'm weird.

Ok, Have a great weekend. I'll be working on my thesis....again.

(42 days)

Monday, March 21, 2011

a statesman or an ass

I got my thesis back today. Its pretty ugly. My thesis committee chair didn't bother to make any positive comments on my paper. I'm not sure if he wanted to tear it apart in order to really help me and make my argument stronger, or if he is just an ass. Right now I want to believe the latter but he's probably a decent guy. Needless to say, this week of "spring break" is going to be less "springy" and not at all "breaky"

...except for maybe my spirits. (sigh)

46 days

Thursday, March 17, 2011

some green for your Patty Day

Just a pretty picture of green in a place I thought probably only had white -

Tunkinsky National Park, Siberia

how little I know about so many places in the world...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


X relationships. They are... complicated. Ideally we only get really intimate with the person we end up marrying and being with forever. But sometimes that just doesn't happen.
I had a very intense and serious relationship before I got married. He and I still share a very strong connection. Sometimes it bothers me to think that he knows me so well that whenever we talk or see each other that he knows exactly what I'm thinking or why I'm behaving a certain way, etc.
I think about this sometimes with people who get divorced. You were with this person for however many years and they know you. I mean they know you - the naked you. I don't mean physically, though there is that, but I mean they know you behind any facade. I hate feeling vulnerable like that.
But I wonder about friendships with someone like that. On the surface it seems like you could be friends with someone that was obviously your best friend and much more at one point, but I don't know. Is it possible? It feels so...loaded. And I don't mean cordial acquaintances. I think that is certainly possible. I mean actual friends. Friends that know how the other person is doing and generally whats up in their lives. Friends who send each other funny things sometimes or who see each other at least every so often. Is that possible? Its not, right? I don't know. Ugh.
And maybe you're asking yourself, why be friends?
And that's complicated without getting into details that aren't entirely mine to share on this blog, but lets say you think you want to be friends for two reasons:
1. you have something that will make it so that your lives will forever be entwined
2. you were once really good friends and logically you should be able to be friends again

And also please understand, I have a fabulous marriage. I am completely happy in my marriage. I also have a husband who is completely aware of everything and we love and trust each other very much. He has girl friends and likewise I have guy friends. We even hang out with one of my old boyfriends on a semi regular basis and they get along great. Its just that with that guy, we were never very serious. And I am friends with a girl friend of his who knows him very intimately and it doesn't bother me at all. So it makes me think that if its just really casual and the intentions are all good and pure, then maybe it can work? But maybe that's different? I don't know.

This is probably really scattered (like it is in my head) but I just want to know what you think. Can you be friends with an x?

Friday, March 11, 2011

you people

I bought myself some tulips to adorn my dining room table. They are lovely.

but that's beside the point. The real point of this post is that you guys are evil. Yes. evil.

See, I got a number of responses from you evil readers informing me that you actually CAN be pregnant and have a period at the same time. What the? Whether you guys were just pulling my leg or trying to freak me succeeded. Jerks! Ha. I started re-thinking the whole throwing up business and pretty soon I got myself completely worked up.


I took a test and....

and I'm not pregnant, (see I can be evil too! hehe). I totally already knew this (that I wasn't pregnant, not that I'm evil - I don't actually think I am, just that you are...) but I had to get reassurance. So thanks for freaking me out and helping me waste $10 on a test. Jerks! ;)

But while we are on the topic of babies, check out this photo -

hahaha. Cat for the WIN!

Anyway, I'm feeling better and have kept down food and absorbed lots and lots of sudafed to help me not be so full of snot. So it's all good.

and because, of course, I'm random, and I love commas I guess, check out this absolutely gorgeous and calming and amazing song.

Love you all, despite your being evil. Have a good weekend!

Monday, March 7, 2011

things I don't like and things i do

Lets talk about poop. Not actual poop cause thats kinda gross, but life poop. I'm having a lot of it right now. I promise this isn't a giant complain post but its going to start out a little like one. 17 effing days ago I got some virus. It was killing my throat and infusing my body with snot so the day after I got it I thought, I've got a lot on my plate right now so I'm going to take the day off and kick this thing. I took a sick day and slept as much as possible and went to the doctor. Yeah. The doctor. I never do that but I was bound and determined to kick it right off the bat. That was 17 days ago.
Shortly after that I started my period. Shortly after that I got some stomach bug on top of it all and started throwing up every last bit of my insides, including my stomach lining, small intestine, liver, etc. I was adamant about not missing work so eventually my husband had to come to my office and crawl under the desk to retrieve me from the little ball of a person I'd become next to my throw-up filled trashcan. Nasty and amazing all at the same time. I'm seriously married to a saint of a man.
On top of that I had my thesis due.
I turned in my thesis on Monday and figured with the stress relief I'd feel better. Then yesterday I threw up my large intestine and perhaps my femur and anything else that was left in my body. And missed another day of work.
I mean, what the hell? Come on body. Get with the damn program.
I am seriously frustrated. I've tried sleep. I've tried medication. I've tried blessings and prayers and mushy rice and Sprite and saltines and doctors and time-off and every stupid thing I can think of.
Theres that.

Lets talk about happier things. How about stuff I'm diggin right now.

I've got some daffodils that I think will bloom sometime in the next week or two. I'm diggin that.

I'm diggin this picture of an office. It reminds me of some place my dad would live (though much more chic and with far fewer newspapers...) but he loves to live with stuff all around him.

I'm diggin this dress from...Talbots? Yeah. Weird. They've got some hot awesome stuff right now in their Spring Look Book. I'm wearing baggy t-shirts and sweatpants these days but someday I will wear something like this again.

I'm diggin this song from unknown artist Lelia Broussard.

I'm diggin this picture of an amazingly beautiful garden enclosure place thing.......ha. I don't know, what would you call it?

and I'm diggin being done with my thesis!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

and in case you were wondering, 58 days.

and sorry about being complainy pants at the beginning. I just really don't like being sick.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

raining crap but without actual rain

Between having a never-ending sickness and working on my never-ending thesis, I've lost a great deal of what some people call 'my sanity'. People are only meant to endure trials for so long. I'm confused at how anyone ever writes a book. 50 pages is killing me. Is it possible that I'm just too concise?



And the thing is - I really like the topic I'm writing on. In fact, I could talk about it all day long (i'll do a brief post about the actual topic when its all said and done) But writing about it? ugh. Why? Why should I write it all out? I need a voice transcription typer thingy. Yes. That's brilliant. Or I could hire a court reporter. hmmmm.... but I'm so close. I have like 10 pages left. I just need to freaking get it done.


This has been a good chat.


I just needed to express frustration with all the crap thats raining down on me right now.

Also, speaking of rain - I think its spring time. Which then makes me think of this umbrella that I want (see below). But then it makes me remember that it never rains here (like actual rain, just poop rain. really poopy life crap type rain). And then I remember how umbrellas that can't fold up to be about the size of my pocket don't usually work out well for me either. But oh well. Its a lovely umbrella and I'm looking forward to spring. A lot. Spring = no more poopy thesis + lovely unrealistic umbrellas. Woohoo!
p.s. I can't remember where I got either of these pictures from but I remember that the first one was an art project with the umbrellas hung by fishing lines. Isn't that fabulous?