Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sigh (via Doug)

I also am happy. This also has to do with the approaching Fall. I love Fall more than Jo loves Fall. So much so, that I always capitalize it. Virginia has the most spectacular Falls in the world. Hands down. Fact: scientists and professional season rankers have all agreed that Virginia Falls are vastly superior to all other seasons in all other areas of Earth. Sorry New England. Sorry Mediterranean summers. Sorry Hawaii.

Fall has the best food. The best weather. The best books. The best fashion. The best outdoor adventuring. The best weekends. The best holidays (I'm looking at you, Thanksgiving).

The transition into Fall is equally awesome. Memorial Day. Beautiful late August mornings. Insane end of summer action: rafting, camping, skydiving, concerts, etc.

So, yea I'm happy too. About our 5th anniversary (feels like we been married SOOOOO much longer). About going to see the Swell Season again this weekend. About new, creative ideas and opportunities. About becoming a uncle x 7. About all of the right people and right things being placed in the path to what I want to do with my life.

So now, just like Jo, I'll share some stuff too.


Next, a journey in eye candy.

We'll take this car:

down this road:

stopping here:

and here:

before getting to our final stop, here, where the governor of VA will have been kind enough to let us move in:

where i will watch this over and over:

in between playing this:

on this:

when suddenly you hear:

and then this girl enters the room:

at which time, i'd have to beat up this guy:

wait, no, i meant she shows up:

and then we chill . . . til the next episode.


Aleisha Z. Coleman said...


Laura Wright Garner said...

Very funny. I was a little worried there when you had the girl from Chuck entering the picture...but luckily you recovered :) And yes Inception is the bombest movie. ever. like. ever.

Doug said...

aleisha: when are we gonna hang out?
laura: you my friend, simply get a YEAH! (imagine me seeing it how you used to say it)