Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I feel really happy. I am so excited for fall to arrive and am loving the cooler summer days that we are having right now. I love having a little time to just chill. There are always a million things I need/should do but just for right now, just for at least one more week, these heavy burdens don't feel like they weigh so much.
Some things that are making me smile...
I may have some new opportunities at work opening up. My fall semester looks intense but fabulous. My husband is delightful as ever and we get to celebrate our 5th anniversary this weekend. I got a lovely hand written letter from our dear couch surfer, Brett, that made my whole week. The bakery two doors down has started making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that are spectacular and a sure sign that fall is on its way. A big sunflower just opened up in front of my dining room window. A beautiful hummingbird has been visiting the feeder I painstakingly fill for him and has done so just when I'm watching. And to top it all off, I've been listening to some excellent music that can't help but put you in a happy mood.
And because I want you to be happy too, here are a few lovely things I want to share.
First, the music...

Next, a journey in eye candy photos

We'll take this car
down this road

drive by this

and this

till we get here

Its a beautiful view out the front window. Look!

But inside is just as fabulous

You walk to through the house that apparently has lots of living rooms until you get to the bedroom

Suddenly you're confused because you hear

and then this guy enters the room

wait, no I meant this guy

See don't you feel happy? What a beautiful trip, right?

Smile, life is awesome!


Tanya said...

Aawww....I love that Duke made your blog. What a little teddy bear. Your post made me smile - the happiness is infectuous. Is that a word? If not, I just made it up.

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

i'll take duke and craig if that is okay:) i am glad at the hint of opportunities at work...that was my question--yay!

Tanya said...

Infectious! hahaha...

Leah Stone said...

fabulous post. I will take Craig over the dog and did he walk into my bedroom cause that totally rocks in my 5 living room one bedroom house.