Friday, June 28, 2013

6 months. whoa.

its been a while.
In the last 6 months -
The boys have learned to walk, run, climb, speak (30+ words), and master all manners of dexterity.
Doug has finished his first semester, turned 30, placed in the top 5 in a screenwriting competition, secured a TA position for next year, taken on several projects, and taken care of the boys all the while.
I have started a new job (back in March) and am loving it. I'm the training manager at a small company that is extremely family friendly and completely great to work for. Yay!
We've taken several trips as a family - New York and Pennsylvania in March, Dallas and Denver in May.
Also in May we moved a few blocks up to a house that is twice as large as the one we were renting previously. Its a great place and we are glad we made the move (though moving was stressful, as it always is).
This weekend our amazing nanny and her beautiful daughters are moving to Utah and we are completely heart-broken over her departure. Even now, just writing it, I cry. It also means we are back to square 1 in the childcare department. Le sigh. I'm not sure we'll ever have another helper we love as much as Vera. She has been so good to our boys and she is truly one of my favorite people on the planet. Sometimes I get a little sad thinking that they won't remember her and all that she did for them. Hopefully we will all stay in close contact so they won't have to remember.

Charlie - left, Vera - center, Whit - right

Other than that, we don't have too much else going on. We are enjoying a summer full of bbq, watermelon, and lots of swimming. I'll be better about updating and providing pictures. Soon Doug will have an instagram account and then he can post pictures of the boys everyday (which is the only pictures anyone wants to see anyway).

much love to any of you checking in here. We sure miss our friends.