Tuesday, July 6, 2010

weekend report

Well the yard sale turned out great. We made around $350 and more importantly, got rid of a whole lot of crap. I love seeing all the different types of people who come to yard sales. My favorite person by far was the sweet old man with the cane and awesome suspenders who bought 3/4 full can of WD-40 for 25 cents. He told me I had displayed everything 'quite nice'. I sorta wanted to reach over and kiss his wrinkly forehead but I restrained myself. (I have some weird sickness where I think old men are seriously almost as cute as 3-month-old babies). I noticed he walked to the yard sale so he's got to live fairly close. I hope I run into him again and we become best friends and he can be my wise old sage and give me advice about life and tell me stories of lesser times. Until then I will name him Fred and keep an eye out for him in the neighborhood. The parade turned out over 300,000 people so needless to say, our block was a bit nuts. It was made only more fantastic by my dear husband who had the grand idea to not just light sparklers like a normal person but see who could throw the lighted sparklers the farthest. He successfully threw it all the way across the street (our street is very wide- can fit 5 cars side by side) and landed it in the dry grass and started a minor fire. I, of course, with my awesome pitching arm, threw it directly into oncoming traffic not realizing a car had turned onto our street. Luckily neither of us proved fruitful in our destructive efforts. Anyone else have a fabulous 4th?

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