Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thirty before 30

I've been working on my bucket list. Right now I've got a 30 before 30 list. I sometimes don't know how I feel about lists like this because I think I could do none of the things on this list and still have a fabulous and full life. It could be as much for the romanticism of it as anything. Either way, I'll share it so that I've at least got it out there. Somehow I feel like that makes me a bit more accountable for their accomplishment. I made this list on my 25th birthday so some of these have already been checked off.

1. get my Master's Degree - CHECK - May 2011
2. earn a respectable title and pay (hey a girl can dream?!) - CHECK - Jan 2011
3. run another marathon
4. make a CD of only my own compositions
5. have a baby with my husband (whoa) - Uh DOUBLE CHECK - Nov 2011
6. sell our home in Provo and move somewhere that is not Provo - CHECK - July 2012
7. backpack Europe - CHECK- May 2010
8. replace little green car with bigger non green car, family mobile - CHECK - April 2012
9. learn to sew (become friends with my sewing machine)
10. have all undergrad loans paid off
11. have lasik eye surgery
12. go sky diving - CHECK- August 2010
13. learn how to speak Chinese, at least some basics
14. tour New England in the fall
15. see a show on Broadway, THE Broadway
16. go to a karaoke bar and sing my heart out
17. have a will - the legal document
18. get Doug to ride on a huge roller coaster (with me beside him of course)
19. learn to juggle
20. see the Grand Canyon...again (I don't remember the first time) - CHECK - May 2011
21. successfully grow basil - CHECK - Aug 2011
22. scuba dive
23. ride in a hot air balloon
24. play some slots in Vegas ($20 in quarters and then walk away. awesome!)
25. go to the top of the Statue of Liberty
26. some sort of snow sport with Doug in UT - Jan 2011
27. create a family tree even if its a bonsai (seriously how many people know their grandparents' parents' names? ...yeah me neither)
28. go to a Safari park
29. volunteer at a soup kitchen
30. learn how to swim like with my face down in the water

So that's my list. I have only checked 1 thing off so far. At this rate this will be a 30 before 60 list.
In the mean time we've had company at our house for about a week and will have guests until at least the 26th. I also have 3 more weeks of class with 70% of my grade still up in the air - a huge group project and final paper. I have another youth camping excursion, my 5 Year Wedding Anniversary, fall semester beginning, a possible attic reno project, etc. so my life is sufficiently crazy without me trying to juggle and speak Chinese on top of it (but how cool would that be if I could do that too?)
And because this is my blog and I can do whatever the crap I want on it, here is a picture of a tree I'm daydreaming that I'm swinging from whilst listening to oldies songs like this song and drinking lemonade and enjoying summer...

Ha. Here is the video with the song. HAHA check out the awesome dancing moves from the back up singers. Nice. Why don't we have videos like this anymore? Anyway, what a great summer song. Too bad walking under boardwalks is totally scary now (everyone knows thats where all the crazy murderous people hide out)...

Sorry. Way to go Debbie Downer there on at the end. How about another summery pretty picture?


Leah Stone (Owner and Arts Management Consultant) said...

that is a great list. I should make one of those, but sadly I only have 2 years till I am thirty-you suck for being younger. I really like you and I really like your blog.

leah aka your bff

Tanya said...

Do you know your brothers are planning to run a marathon together in Florida in October? The three of you should plan one someday!!