Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some Things I've Learned So Far (on the trip)

16. Most of the Europe we've seen so far is just one big, sprawling ghetto.

17. The hills of Italy are better than people say they are.

18. African street peddlers are some of the only people that smile as they walk down the streets in big cities.

19. Everyone in Europe needs to be somewhere they're not. And fast. And before everyone else.

20. Never have expectations. Photography and imagination can fool you without even trying. (This was one of the most important lessons of the entire trip)

21. Trains are awesome and you could lose yourself travelling them across Europe.

vernazza at night.

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Adrian said...

In case you (Jo) don't know who I am, I'm Adrian, I knew Doug on his mission. So hopefully my comments won't make you think creepy stalker is about.

I thought one of the most fascinating things about Europe was related to what you touched on...the African street sellers. Not only are they happy and vibrant, but they are the only people you will find, regardless of what city/country in Europe you are, that speak enough of every language you could imagine running into. Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, not to mention their native tongue. They are truly remarkable. I had one guy (to whom I showed previous interest in a watch), recognize me later in another section of town, so he could follow-up and try to secure a deal. Talk about attention to detail and memory. I forget people's names as I'm meeting them.