Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 21: Last Call

On the train again. To Munich. it's all coming to an end. This is the final curtain call. And, I'm comfortable with that. It's gorgeous, green and rolling hills and spotted ruins of castles. We can't do this forever. We both feel pleased, both feel grateful for the trip so far.

We have three full days left (not including today) and each of them should be fantastic. We'll solidify all the plans this afternoon when we get to Munich Hauptbahnhof.

Speaking of plans, Jo and I have sat on trains now for some time and we're tentatively planned out . . . well, the rest of our lives really. What jobs we'll have, what schooling we'll complete, how many children we'll have (and yes, we are planning on having them), what we will do for careers, where we'll live, etc. And it's all quite amusing while simultaneously terrifying. I am frightened and uplifted by the possibilities. It overwhelms me and stifles me and urges me on. All at the same time.

I'm sure I'll look back on this in five years and have a good laugh, because where we are now is not at all where we planned to be five years ago. Not even close. But for the sake of writing it down, and for the sake of having it all as a map and measuring stick, here goes:

Jo will finish her Master's degree, we'll sell our house, I'll get into the MFA program at USC, the three of us (Patches) will move into someone's guest house in north LA. I'll commute to school, we'll have our first kid, Jo will get a good job, I'll be with kid #1 in the mornings and then go to class when she comes home, I'll get a job as a staff writer or script doctor, then I'll get my show with a group of friends, we'll move to [place] to film it for five seasons, we'll have kids 2 - 4, Jo will teach at a university, I'll stop the show and either do 2 - 3 movies and then move on to books or just move on to books, we'll teach at SVU or some school in a beautiful place and look for an incredible piece of property on the eastern seaboard, we'll buy it and open a B&B.

I showed this to Jo and asked if I got it all correct and she said "perfect." So, ok. I guess that's the future.

* * *
We arrived in Munich. And it's raining. Well, more like a heavy, annoying mist. But it's constant and you're very wet if you're anywhere outside. Like walking from the train staiton to a hotel for instance.
We went to the TI and grabbed a map and tried to orient ourselves. We really touched down in Munich not knowing anything but the address of our hotel. It's wild to think about really, but sort of comforting to know we can find our way and take care of ourselves anywhere in the world. Jo said it was very Bourne of us. I said I agree, except for beating people up.
We found our hotel. Our room is tiny but nice. You have to turn a key in an outlet to let electricity in the room. It's annoying because I go to lock the door and all the lights turn off. Even the little red lamp with the little red light bulb in the corner. Weird. Plus it's stupid because it teaches kids to stick keys into outlets. Duh.
We hadn't eaten in awhile so we went downstairs and asked the British guy at the desk for a recommendation on where to eat. We ended up at the Augistiner Brewery. Jo got meatballs and I got half a chicken. Yes. Half of a chicken, with the insides and everything up to half of the neck. Both of us got some disgusting yellow mustard and cucumber salad. And mineral water. We ate it all anyway. Then came the blueberry pancake. It was the size of Jo's upper body. We ate all of that too. Really we ate ourselves sick. All the Germans were watching the two American kids who ordered water in a beer hall try and scarf down their sometimes mediocre, sometimes gross food and we didn't want to disappoint.
We walked back to Atlas City Hotel, watched the German version of America's Funniest Home videos (which was waaaaaaay more graphic and more disturbing than funny). Went and used the internet and got a Fanta. Planned the next couple days. Now, calling it a night.

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