Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Things I've Learned So Far (cont'd)

28. Typecasts and generalizations exist for a reason.
29. Much of the world has lost the skill of pondering.
30. Europe has had its competitive back broken. This is both good and bad. There isn't near as much crime as America, but laziness and an acceptance of circumstance is inescapable.
31. People cast aside common sense when they think their opportunity in what they perceive to be a zero sum game comes along. And decency. They push and shove and snap and spit when they think their one chance to get on the bus/train/plane has come or if their food is incorrect, etc.
32. Fame is meaningless. Some kid on the train to Venice was talking about these uber-famous cricket player in India. He said, "Everyone in India knows [the dude]." That puts our celebrities - who think the world revolves around them (and let's face it, most Americans think the world revolves around those same Hollywood celebrities) - to shame. A billion people know this goofy cricket player. They probably can't tell Beyonce from Brittney Spears.
33. Sometimes I say a lot without really saying anything.
34. Sometimes I hardly say anything, even though I'm talking a lot.

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