Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 20: The Measured Self

We're on the train to Innsbruck right now. I'm happy to be leaving Italy. But sad that, no matter how hard I've tried not to count down to the end of the trip, we find ourselves on the fourth and final leg of the adventure.

I wonder what it will be like when we go home. Much the same I imagine. But I wonder if one trip is enough to change a man. To change the way he sees himself and interacts with the world around him; I hope it's enough. I hope I've learned from it and continue to learn. I hope I can assimilate these lessons and solidify them in my range of character. I hope I find myself content with my trying and pleased by the results.

I wonder if I'll remember the Swiss landscape in four months or the touch of Roman marble in the rain. If I'll remember how incomparably happy I was just because the sun came out. Or how grateful I once felt for the size and quality of my house as I slept or showered in the tiniest and most strange of conditions. I hope I will. And I hope I remain religious. That I stay a spiritual man. That I always appreciate the doctrines more than the ceremonies and the culture and that I show it by living a charitable life.

* * *
So we arrived in Innsbruck, Austria. We're staying in the Weisses Kreuz (White Cross) where Mozart used to stay. We walked around the main square and tried to get bratwurst and big, hearty pomme frittes. We ended up getting hot dogs and mushy french fries. We also got gelato for the 25th time. We've spent over 100Euro on gelato alone. Worth it.
We walked to the main bridge and just hung out for awhile and enjoyed the beauty of the surrounding area. We listend to the full blown orchestra playing Mozart in the middle of the town square under the Golden Roof. Innsbruck is a very short, quick stop. But quaint and totally worth it.
we're trying to see whose mouth is bigger with oreos in both cheeks

i think i win

on the way north of venice

now in austria

crap. look at that snow.

cool architecture in Innsbruck

main square

main square, the other way

innsbruck was nothing but indians, chinese, and us

told you

the 25th time

innsbruck sits at the foot of gorgeous mountains
the golden roof

hotel weisses kreuz and the cool covered walkways

nice bathroom for a change. too bad it was one floor up and several 100 feet away.

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