Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 23: The Salt of the Earth

We slept in a little bit. Haven't really done that at all on our vacation yet. We got a Bayern ticket in the Munich Hauptbahnhof and decided to go to Salzburg despite the forecasted rain and fog. Tell you what . . . I am going to sue the weather channel people for causing unnecessary stress. They suck at forecasting European weather. It was gorgeous outside all day. Just gorgeous.

We had no plans, so we went to the TI, grabbed a map, and headed downtown. We decided to head to the river (as we both almost always gravitate toward water) and we found a large Austrian farmer's market lining the path down the river all the way to the city center.

We took it slow. Jo had to pet all of the 100s of dogs along the way.That's alright, though, because Salzburg really is a picturesque place. The town center is entirely pedestrianm with quaint Austrian shops, cafes, fountains, art galleries, horse-drawn carriages, people playing Mozart and chess, and a tram up to the town's fortress. The fortress, HohenSalzburg, stands on hill at the southeast edge of town. We took the tram up the hill and a short tour once we got there. The views were phenomenal. Beauty in every direction. And extremely clean.

We hung out around the fortress, got gelato - which was more like plain old ice cream - and then took the tram back down to enjoy the beautiful day. We ate at a giant, Trevi-esque fountain behind the street vendors and fed ducks. We walked back to the Farmer's market on the river and to the train station. We walked nonchalantly up the ramp and stairs just in time to see the train to Munich close its doors and leave. Suck. Typical Jo and Doug travel luck. Turns out I read the info wrong, so my fault.

We sat by two very vamped up 50+ women who looked and acted like they were straight out of the real housewives of wherever. But they were nice. And married to dentists. Dentists who didn't floss! They told us so.

We finally made it back to Munich. The FC Bayern v. Inter-Milan championship game was happening, so Munich was just a sea of red and white-striped drunk Germans. It was super loud and the energy in the city was electric.

We made it through the crowds safely and back to Hotel Atlas City and used the internet to plan tomorrow. We bought another Fanta (#4), and watched most of the soccer match. And it was boring. And everyone on the field flopped around like they were going to die when someone bumped into them. And then a water boy would come out and the injured person would hop right up. Which is why soccer will never, ever overtake American sports. It's . . . lame. Anywho, we're going to hit the German hay.

austrian wedding in a cool garden with the fortress in the background
she's all mine, lederhosen boys

weird statue of golden ball boy and fortress in background

trevi-like fountain of ducks and far less people

feeding ducks and probably drinking my sprite. punk.

view from the top of the keep in the fortress

the small grayish dot on that hill is actually another palace type place

the hills are alive with the sound of . . . austrian people?

on top of the keep's top tower

the caretakers of the fortress actually live in the fortress. rad. what do they tell relatives? yes, please write to me at "The Impenetrable and Awesome Fortress with mediocre gelato"?


another fountain, another cool church, another beautiful view = Austria

bypassing traffic on the way back to the train station

listening to jams, enjoying the sun, and sneaking a picture of our boogers. i am a multi-tasker.

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