Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some Things I've Learned So Far (cont.)

22. Everyone chain smokes in train stations because they can't smoke on trains. So as soon as they get off the train, they need cigarettes . . .
23. Which is gross because I think cigarettes in Europe are filtered in what we in America would call sewer water.
24. It's pointless to be mad at the sky.
25. Which is frustrating because sometimes the weather sucks.
26. Italians suck sometimes too.

Here are pics from Florence:

the incredible Duomo

cool floor inside

jo getting lost in the crowd


yea. this one is 4 the ghetto. on the scaffolding waiting to climb the dome.

the incredible and scary ceiling of the Duomo

the incredible and beautiful views around Florence

doug and jo atop the Dizzome

the bell tower

the front face of the Duomo

totally snagged a pic of David even though you're not supposed to. take that portly, aggressive Ialian security ladies!

common sight across Europe, us eating gelato

florence station

outside in the pretty weather. i just stepped in the gum that was on my bag.

watch and love it.

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Rick said...

Hey! Don't judge David too harshly, graffitist - I bet he's cold standing around naked all day...but props to the comments being both immature and racist…