Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 13: Spontaneity

We left the Cinque Terre this morning. We were a little sad to leave, but ready for the next leg of the trip. Went to Pisa Centrale, whereupon we dropped our bags at the train station's luggage deposit rather than carry them all the way out to our weird garage B&B by the Field of Miracles. Bought tickets to Empoli, went to Empoli. Empoli is out there, man. We were on really small trains during this part of the trip. Bought tickets to Poggibonsi. Went to Poggibonsi. Bought bus tickets to San Gimignano. Went to the walled, towered city of San Gimignano. And it was spectacular.

So unique. So gorgeous to look at. And to walk around its brick streets, past high-end shops next to quaint gifts and cafes, under over a dozen towers jutting up into the sky . . . it was a singular experience. It was a great day. The tortellini and ravioli were good. Gelato stop #8 was good. Jo and I were good. And in between warm rain showers it was a beautiful day. We climbed the highest of the towers and got some guy to take some pictures of us. He took like 20. He just kept going. I was like "Uhhh, ok, that's good. Ok, good. Thanks. Good." I almost had to steal the camera back.

It felt so good to have some sunshine and some spontaneous success. We ate at a litle cafe back in Pisa, did gelato stop #9, went back to the weird garage B&B down the street from, and with a view of the Duomo and Leaning Tower. It's interesting how people just drive and scooter right by it like it isn't one of the most peculiar and famed buildings in the world. We finally found wifi by the cafe we ate at. Wrote some emails. Reserved the Vatican. Heard from Kris Oppenheim in Rome. Prepared for out-there Civita di Bagnoregio. Wrote this. Bed.

about to enter San Gimignano

the main road into town. full of ze germans.

one of the main pedestrian squares

four of the many towers. everybody in the town used to have one because florence used to drop by and invade and pillage, etc. how cool would a city be if everyone had a tower instead of a back yard?

more town, the old bank, steps up to the church

view from the highest tower. amazing views. well worth the climb. most beautiful place in italy. jo might say something else, but S.G. had my favorite views.

meh. jo looks cute, i look weird, but the view is bomb ain't it?

jo climbing the rickety ladder back down to the stairwell

the steps all over town are stapled together with big old school staples

jo during one of the showers, on the steps of the church

pic from the bus bench in the rain

jo picking something good at the Pisa cafe

i finally found wifi. it took forever. we had no idea what was going to come up in the trip without checking things. would we have a plce to stay, etc.

view from our garage B&B in Pisa

tired. vacation is hard work.

survived off of these cookies for 2 days

looking at a map. planning. constantly.

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