Wednesday, March 2, 2011

raining crap but without actual rain

Between having a never-ending sickness and working on my never-ending thesis, I've lost a great deal of what some people call 'my sanity'. People are only meant to endure trials for so long. I'm confused at how anyone ever writes a book. 50 pages is killing me. Is it possible that I'm just too concise?



And the thing is - I really like the topic I'm writing on. In fact, I could talk about it all day long (i'll do a brief post about the actual topic when its all said and done) But writing about it? ugh. Why? Why should I write it all out? I need a voice transcription typer thingy. Yes. That's brilliant. Or I could hire a court reporter. hmmmm.... but I'm so close. I have like 10 pages left. I just need to freaking get it done.


This has been a good chat.


I just needed to express frustration with all the crap thats raining down on me right now.

Also, speaking of rain - I think its spring time. Which then makes me think of this umbrella that I want (see below). But then it makes me remember that it never rains here (like actual rain, just poop rain. really poopy life crap type rain). And then I remember how umbrellas that can't fold up to be about the size of my pocket don't usually work out well for me either. But oh well. Its a lovely umbrella and I'm looking forward to spring. A lot. Spring = no more poopy thesis + lovely unrealistic umbrellas. Woohoo!
p.s. I can't remember where I got either of these pictures from but I remember that the first one was an art project with the umbrellas hung by fishing lines. Isn't that fabulous?

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