Friday, March 11, 2011

you people

I bought myself some tulips to adorn my dining room table. They are lovely.

but that's beside the point. The real point of this post is that you guys are evil. Yes. evil.

See, I got a number of responses from you evil readers informing me that you actually CAN be pregnant and have a period at the same time. What the? Whether you guys were just pulling my leg or trying to freak me succeeded. Jerks! Ha. I started re-thinking the whole throwing up business and pretty soon I got myself completely worked up.


I took a test and....

and I'm not pregnant, (see I can be evil too! hehe). I totally already knew this (that I wasn't pregnant, not that I'm evil - I don't actually think I am, just that you are...) but I had to get reassurance. So thanks for freaking me out and helping me waste $10 on a test. Jerks! ;)

But while we are on the topic of babies, check out this photo -

hahaha. Cat for the WIN!

Anyway, I'm feeling better and have kept down food and absorbed lots and lots of sudafed to help me not be so full of snot. So it's all good.

and because, of course, I'm random, and I love commas I guess, check out this absolutely gorgeous and calming and amazing song.

Love you all, despite your being evil. Have a good weekend!

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Heidi said...

Next time only waste a buck - they sell them at the dollar store and it told me I was pregnant...and well...Addison proves it was a worthwhile dollar spent :)