Friday, February 25, 2011

cat at a mat...inee and other random funs

I hope you all are well! I am doing marginally better (thanks for asking) but alas, I'm still sick. Whats that you say? How about a song called Sleeping Sickness while we're on the topic of being sick? Your wish is my command (at least this wish...)

You want something else? OK you asked...

BLAM!!! Freaking cute puppy. Take that. Got you when you least expected it.
(maybe now is a good time to mention that I'm on some sort of feel good medicine and I feel a little drunk... where'd that other curvy mark go so i can finish this aside...i can't find it, how about this} that'll do donkey

Oh yeah, how about this song?

cool, yes? actually I'm not sure if I embedded that correctly but hopefully if you click on it you will hear a cool slap acoustic guitar songy deal to your ears.

but wait

via 1 via 2

two cute kitty cats. AHAHAHAHA You didn't know. You had no idea I was going to hit you with that, did you?

ok. I should stop. My head is all fuzzy. Yes? Anyone? Meg Ryan. You've Got Mail. That's the answer.


hahahaha. Hit again. That was for those of you who think humans can be cute.

not this human. not today.

ok have a good weekend friends.


Leah Stone said...

Get off the juice. Love the last photo of the baby with the hat. BAM!

Doug said...

She really was crazy this day. I asked Jo: "Hey, you're being kind of weird. Did the doctor say anything about you being kind of loopy because of this stuff?" And she goes: "I don't remember. . . I killed him."