Friday, March 25, 2011

goats and streaking

I've been pretty grumpy this week. I think too many of my posts are complainful, so rather than tell you the woes of my week, let me just share some videos that my husband has sent me when I needed to smile.

Check out these cuties (totally worth 00:47)

And then this video. hahaha. I'm laughing before I even embed it. Ha.

OK - first let me explain: you might not find this as funny as I do. I have a fascination with streaking (not like in a sick way, but like in a 'wow, awesome' kind of way). In fact I once had a post about it and a hilarious picture but decided to take it down in case some of the parents of the teenagers I oversee heard about it or something and realized how crazy it is that I'm in charge of impressionable youth (also I'd be really sad if someone got major offended and I wasn't able to work with them anymore). I don't think that would happen but you never know. And apparently more people read this than just myself and my friend Sheesh. Hi Sheesh!

Anyway, the video doesn't show no privatey parts so don't get too uptight (AND make sure you have your speakers on)

BAAAAHahahahaha. Gets me every.dang.time.

I don't know. I'm weird.

Ok, Have a great weekend. I'll be working on my thesis....again.

(42 days)

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Mama P said...

love it! I think the guys laugh while he's taping the streaker is almost as funny. Love a good laugh, thanks