Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the grind and the grinder

Well last week was pretty tough but highly enjoyable. My presentation/observation went well. I had a meeting yesterday and it looks like I did good enough that I'm going to move on to stage 2. This means that I'll do my first training in June, another in July, another in August, and then I'll work with clients from September through November and by the end of that month I should get a decision whether I get to do this full time starting in January of next year. In the meantime, I have 87 days till graduation, and this full time project manager gig that I need to keep, a non-profit to get off the ground, and a program with around 20 people at church to lead twice a week. Soooo life should be sufficiently challenging for a while. WOOT! .... ugh. I'm in the grind but I"m the grinder. Yuck.
But it really is all good. I actually really enjoy each of those things separately - combined they cause me some stress but individually they cause me happiness. And I was able to negotiate my first training to be in June so that I have some time to focus on school, so that's good. My thesis is due March 8th and after that, everything should get much easier (knock on wood).
Anyway - that is all pretty boring. Let's get to some exciting things -

liiiiiike PAPER!

haha. I'm serious actually. I love wrapping paper. Its a weird fetish I have. When I find cool wrapping paper I buy it immediately. I found some really cool ones online but I can't bring myself to purchase them. I also can't come up with a good story to tell my husband about why I spent $30 on wrapping paper...

doug: "Did you order $30 worth of wrapping paper online?"

me: "ummm...maybe"

doug: "What do you need $30 worth of wrapping paper for?"

me: "ummm...maybe?"

If I don't have a good answer I usually just try my first response again and see if it will work. It hasn't worked yet but you never know.

but check these out (and the one at the top of the post)

They are from a store called The PaperSource. They have tons of cool paper.

And speaking of cool, check this out

Luke Aleckson, Just Do It, Imprints in Snow, 810ft x 850ft (15.7 acres), 2005.

and he did the entire thing with bread baskets tied to his feet...

Now that is some dedication to art, my friends. After about 1 acre I'd be like - " um this is pretty but I'm in the middle of a snowy field with bread baskets tied to my feet... and I'm starting to crave wheat rolls, so I'm done."

And because I'm random, check this out. Yikes!

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