Thursday, February 24, 2011

taking cues from you've got mail

I'm sick (ala this scene below)

I got a virus of some sort (according to the doctor that I went to see yesterday). My throat is killing me and the rest of my body is down for the count. The doctor told me the good news is that I should only have this for 10 - 15 days. THATS GOOD NEWS? That happens to coincide perfectly with the number of days I have left to work on my thesis. Awesome.
So I'm trying to trick myself into feeling something other than miserable.
I went so far as to purchase a glass jar and fill it with hershey kisses like Meg Ryan does in this scene (cue to 1:48) from You've Got Mail.
Now I know those of you who are movie buffs might gafah at my love of this movie, but let me tell you a few reasons why I love it.
1. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks have chemistry without being sexy sexy hotty pants movie stars. They are a handsome enough couple but they are no Daniel Craig and (fill in the blank with any sex appeal mainstream actress). It feels more believable.
2. I love the setting of the movie and the fact that it goes through 4 seasons.
3. I love the irony, I mean everyone does, right? That's what makes the movie.
4. I love that Meg Ryan is not your typical damsel in distress. She owns her own business. She is brilliant. She is kind. She is modest.
5. I love children's books and bookstores in general. I know every book that Meg Ryan's character references in this movie which either shows my love of books or my creepy knowledge of this movie. I'm fine with what either of those options says about me.
5. I have lots more reasons why I love this movie, but if nothing else - it reminds me of my best friend Leah. We both love this movie and we watch it every fall and we quote it all the time and who doesn't love a great movie that reminds you of a great person? You can check out Leah's blog here.
I plan on doing an entire post about Leah sometime when I'm not emotional and I can tell you all why I love her without crying. For now though, you should know we both love You've Got Mail and that should tell you something about her...I don't know what...but something.

Oh and also, if you check out her blog today - she is also sick. SEE we are best friends. We even get sick at the same time when we are 2000 miles apart.


Leah Stone said...

love you!

Leah Stone said...

yeah now your comment box works for me. I am so happy.

Anonymous said...

I love You've Got Mail....mind you I adored Meg Ryan in all her movies back in those days.
I hope you're feeling better soon:)