Wednesday, February 9, 2011

change anything video

Ok this is a really quick post but I wanted to show off a new video our production team just cranked out. It is a promo for our new book coming out called Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success. Friends - ITS SO GOOD! I wish they paid me every time I said it because I'd be rich (well I guess I work for them so in a weird and indirect way I get paid but I'd tell you if I thought it was poo. In fact - I'll say this, our first book wasn't that great. It was called Balancing Act and it flunked for book sales and training. So don't read it. Ha. But read Change Anything. You'll love it). Anyway, the point is I LOVE this stuff. Its based on the same social theory as Influencer but it's applied to personal change.

Check it out

You are probably all geniuses (especially if you read my blog) but have you ever thought about some of this stuff? OF COURSE you eat more when you have a bigger plate. OF COURSE you are more likely to spend when you are with friends. And it goes on and on. I work for some incredibly smart people and the content in this book is gold. Change Anything helps you start to recognize the power of all of these types of influences adding up against you and then teaches you how to flip these influences on their head and get them to start working FOR you.

okay, starting to sound like an infomercial... stepping down from my soapbox. Sorry. But thanks for indulging me!

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