Monday, February 21, 2011

weekend report

I'm happy to report I got a chunk of my paper written this weekend. Not on a beach or on a typewriter, but while wearing a hat and while petting a cat where I quietly sat on a m... ok, ok. I'll stop....... Stat. hahaha. Ok really I'll stop.
Actually, I wrote in a dungeon of sorts with no music and no snacks so as to eliminate all distractions possible (My dining room is to be interpreted as a dungeon when there are no snacks or music and I'm forced to write my magnum opus). But,

I also made this beef brisket recipe from Pioneer Woman for Sunday dinner. I do believe it was a big success. I have LOVED her recipes thus far. So I suppose the weekend wasn't completely awful. ;)

I must admit, though, that I'm starting to feel the itchings of spring fever coming on. It starts by wanting to wear peep-toe shoes and short sleeve shirts, even though there is still snow on the ground. It then works its way into wanting a whole slew of new additions to my wardrobe. Then it turns into wanting to spice up my home - so I'll buy daffodils and tulips to hold me over with a smile. But then pretty soon I want a different couch and a different something else and then before you know it I want a dang baby!

Damn you, spring. Why you got to do me like this?

Ahem...but how was your weekend?


Nat said...

Will you hold it against me if all I can do is chuckle?

Tanya said...

Funny, I thought about making brisket yesterday but knew I didn't have a recipe I was really happy with. Glad you're enjoying the book!