Sunday, January 9, 2011

winter wonderland

On Saturday Doug and I went snow shoeing. Look at me crossing off 2 of my 30 before thirty goals within 2 days of each other. Woot! (I had a goal for us to do some sort of snow activity while we live in Utah). Its amazing we've lived here for this long and we've mostly tried to ignore the snow. We had a fabulous time! It was so beautiful. Our dear friend Brandon took us. We only hiked a few miles but it felt like we hiked twenty. I wasn't prepared for how physically exhausting it was going to be. Here are some pictures of our adventure -

getting started (check out my cool look-sorta-like-jeans-snowpants!)

what a studly snowshoe guy (Doug here below, but Brandon above is studly too)

This is where the road ends and the snowshoeing begins. This road actually goes through those trees up to Cascade Springs and Timpanogos Cave (both places we went to this past summer) but they only plow it to this point.

All of that snow is from plowing the road but the snow depth on the trail is level with what you can see here.
and off we go

me and doug snowshoeing under a tree in the ravine

we took a short break at the first lookout so I could eat some string cheese :)

brandon squinting into the sun and me pretending to be a teapot or something strange as usual

not a bad view though, eh?

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend too!

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