Thursday, January 6, 2011

fabulous day

So I'm having a freaking fabulous day. I've had some pretty crappy days lately so I think a really good one must've been in order.
I got a raise. I am going to making a decent salary this year and in fact (I'm going to make more than my husband). I know that is totally shallow and ridiculous to compare and its OUR money so who cares, but the feminist in me is seriously jumping out of my pants (sorry love - you're still the man! ;) ). Also its not much more than him and I have a graduate degree this year so theres that, but whatever. Lets celebrate when we can, right? I've also got a respectable title (Project Manager - I was a project coordinator before) and thus I'm going to cross off goal #2 on my thirty before 30 list which was to earn a respectable title and pay. The title thing is totally subjective but somehow I feel like I've hit a milestone. WOOT!
Also - beyond getting a raise I totally rocked in three different meetings today. I came prepared and had data to back up some serious suggestions and process improvements and they were all adopted. They were also attended by the big boys (c-suite and board members) and I am just thrilled that I was listened to, taken seriously, and my solutions were actually implemented. I solved some big problems today and I LOVE that I was able to do that.
Lastly - I had a big meeting with my boss and he let me know that with this degree and with me letting him know that I likely won't be in Provo forever, my boss informed me that other departments are biting at the chomp to have me move into some more challenging positions. I really had no idea that others had an interest in me. Most impressive, my boss said that I should consider every opportunity and that some of them are likely a better choice for me long term than what he can offer me. He set up a meeting with him, my VP, our CEO, and two board members, so that they can present me with options and opportunities. I couldn't believe he would do this for me (or that there were so many options for me). I know this comes at a high cost to him but he said he was more interested in doing what was right for me and keeping me at the company than keeping me working under him. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE my boss? He really is amazing and a joy to work for.
I know this all means that some tough decisions are ahead of me. I feel like I love so many things that its hard for me to choose ( I know, I know, rough life right?). But I just feel so happy to be so valued and appreciated. I feel so blessed to have such a fabulous job and a wonderful company to work for. My boss talked to me a little bit about some of the opportunities that he's heard about for me. He mentioned joining the authors of our books and to help conduct research for our studies and future books. He mentioned doing consulting for government clients. He mentioned becoming a trainer. He mentioned moving into a full blown management role in my current department by the end of the year. These all seem like such fabulous opportunities! I kinda want to do all of them. I just love this company so much and except for 1 or 2 people, I really love just about everyone at this company. Amazing right? I feel like I hit the jackpot.
Anyway, I hope this doesn't come off as bragging. I just wanted to share my joys like I often share my sorrows. When decision time rolls around, I'll be seeking any wisdom you all have to offer. In the meantime though, lets celebrate together!


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Holy cow that's awesome! You deserve awesomeness like that! I am so excited for your job prospects! (And yes, I very much like that I make more than Michael!)