Friday, January 28, 2011

some serious some funny

(This picture had nothing to do with anything. I just like it. It makes me wish I could keep plants alive. It also makes me wish it wasn't totally tacky to keep fake plants in the kitchen window. Cuz I would do it. I'd even put real dirt in the pot to make it look real. I'm tricky like that....if I had fake plants I would be anyway...)

A brief follow up:
Miscarriage is hard and weird. It also bothers me that its so taboo. Its been a difficult thing but I had so much support that I was all but forced to be okay through it all. I've also experience real and deep and serious heartache when I placed my daughter for adoption years ago. I hope I will never go through as much pain as I did during that experience. Losing a fetus is difficult but handing your beautiful new born baby to someone else is a pain that nearly kills. And to this day it simultaneously causes me the most joy and the most pain that I experience in my life. So maybe God knew I could get through this experience and that I would learn something from it. If nothing else, every loss I ever feel makes me appreciate that much more God's sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ. We always focus on Christ's sacrifice, but God's sacrifice (John 3:16) to me, at times, feels even greater.

Anyway, that is all a little heavy and its Friday for goodness sakes! So lets switch gears.

Shakin' it off.

OK. Good?

Here are some funny Friday things for you (lots of which are cat things because I'm slowly becoming the creepy old cat lady) :

get it? cat in a cat box? hahahahaha

I don't care what you say, I don' think its photoshopped. I think its a genius cat.

a video that always makes me laugh

a lie that my husband sent me a little while ago

another funny but wrong thing my husband sent me a while ago (little hard to see but try - its worth it)


my personal favorite

Have a great weekend! I love you all very much and I appreciate your helpful comments!

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Jon and Sarah (but mainly Sarah) said...

Hi Jo,

I found your blog randomly and have been following for a while. I just wanted to tell you that I am sorry for your loss and that I hope you feel better soon.