Monday, January 3, 2011

onward and upward

I've spent the last few days in and out of the hospital. I'm not ready to talk about it yet but I'm fine. It was a weird end to the year except for this little nugget that I learned - when I needed him, he was all there. People use their blogs for all sorts of things and so much of the time its like some weird cyber-trophy place where everyone can brag about life and their kids and whatever else. I'm not here to do that (but maybe I will when I have more to brag about?!) I do want to say, however, that my husband has been absolutely incredible to me and I don't know if I could have made it through these last few heart-wrenching days of the year, let alone the rest of the year, without him. I feel like he wrapped me in this giant, comfortable cocoon of love and it saved me from all of the pain I could've felt. I just truly love that man.
I'm not much for looking back. Its always 'onward and upward' with me, so let me just say that 2010 was a mostly great year. Work was good. School was challenging. Europe was fabulous. Spring, Summer, Fall were eventful and lovely. Church was busy. But most importantly, I think I've improved ever so slightly from this time last year. That's always the ultimate goal. Get better every year.
2011 has a lot to offer. As you probably know I'm a goal junkie. Doug and I wrote down our goals last night and we have a combined total of about 60 goals. :) We separate them out into categories (when I say 'we' I mean "I" make the categories and I make Doug write them down). We have financial goals, spiritual goals, personal, physical, house project goals, etc. They are well thought out and very specific. I don't make goals for goal's sake. I don't write down things that I know will be easily crossed off (those are to-do lists and those are different). So here are some that I can remember -
1. Graduate in May with honors
2. learn how to use my sewing machine over the summer
3. get certified to train CC1 program at my work
4. sell green car/ buy new car
5. buy beginners Chinese language program
6. begin process for 2nd cd

There are many more obviously. We have around 15 - 20 house project goals. We have a bunch of spiritual goals like "read scriptures together as a couple on Sunday mornings". We are aiming to do another Europe trip (shorter one though - 2 weeks) as well as a trip to the east coast in the fall, driving the Appalachian Trail.
So yeah, 2011 should be pretty fabulous.
First up, though, is graduation.
123 days and counting.

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