Thursday, November 4, 2010

Revenge of the Picture Frame

My week thus far has been bizarre and painful and dumb.

I felt like I was supposed to get my IUD out over fall break. I ignored the feeling because I was scared.

Sunday night I was putting together a picture frame, holding it down about where my ovaries are located (or used to be) and I tried to walk through the door back into the kitchen. I basically lodged myself in the door frame and slammed the picture into my uterus. It was painful and bad words were spoken. I went to sleep uncomfortable but blamed it on my being an idiot.

Flash to Monday morning and I’m having really really hard cramps and I’m bloated like a hot air balloon. I feel around to see if I can feel the string of my IUD and its way over to one side and high up.

I had successfully dislocated my IUD with a picture frame. They tell me the odds of that happening are like 1 in 1 million. I think its God’s way of telling me that its “my way or the highway”.

So I got my IUD out in an emergency procedure at 1:00 on Monday (coincidentally at the exact same time as the class that was cancelled because my teacher wanted to give us some time to “catch up”).

I spent Monday afternoon working from home, watching movies, doing homework and feeling guilty because my good friend Emily did all my grocery shopping for me because Monday was the only time I was going to be able to do it before the grandparents arrived (last night).

Monday night I snapped at my husband and kept thinking how much I disliked him and then within ten minutes was completely sobbing in the bathroom. I was pretty sure this wasn't my normal self so I looked up some info on post IUD experiences. Turns out there is a thing called the Mirena Crash, where your body is trying to re-balance your hormones and you are therefore crazy anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks.

So for the last few days I have been all over the map. I'm trying to keep my emotions in check as I know they likely are a result of a lot of stress and an unplanned baby barrier being removed and causing my hormones to freak out.

Adding to the fun, I've been interviewing for an assistant at work (making an offer to a woman today - cross your fingers!) and looked down at the end of work last night to see that I had not only started bleeding unexpectedly but had bled heavily and through my nice khaki suit pants. Awesome. I arrived home the moment my husband's grandparents showed up on the doorstep and awkwardly tried to hug them and welcome them whilst covering my entire lower regions. I'm still bleeding very heavy. Tmi but I don't care. I'm giving it till tomorrow before I call the doctor.

So its been a very strange week. I didn't feel at all prepared for this and yet somehow, strangely, I felt prepared for this. I haven't decided if I'm staying off birth control all together or if I'm going to try something else or what exactly I'm going to do. I need to talk to my husband but it will be another two weeks before we won't have guests in our home and I doubt that we will discuss it at much length till then.

I think the moral of the story is LISTEN TO GOD or you’ll get a damn punch in the uterus.

And in honor of the photo wall that I was putting up and the frame that shattered my secure little world, here are some lovely pictures of galley walls:

Here's hoping the week gets better!

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Nat said...

Jo that is so crazy! Wow I wish that God answered me that strongly when I have decisions to make. I'd love a good answer slapped in my face every now and then. It seems like I'm never quite sure I'm making the right choice. I hope that you get feeling better soon! Whether you decide to try other BC measures or not I support you!