Wednesday, November 10, 2010

country living

There is something about country living that is so incredibly appealing to me. I love big old farmhouses with beautiful surrounding acreage and lots of large, sun-saluting oak trees. The idea of it all is so romantic. My husband and I met in a very small town in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and lived there at the beginning of our marriage while I finished up my undergrad. It had the most stunning rolling hills, wide and slow moving rivers, and gorgeous old southern farms. I loved going for drives and just soaking up our surroundings.
Here are some pictures of the EmersonMade Farm (below). I think they are wonderful (completely unrealistic but wonderful nonetheless). I mean, whose laundry room looks like that? And a pantry entirely of glass jars. LOVE IT! But I totally don't have the discipline to take everything out of their original containers and put them in a jar and display them. This is also why I don't think I could have all open shelves in the kitchen. Sometimes you just have ugly products or beat up plastic cereal bowls. Thats life.
Of course, maybe thats not life in the country. I don't really know. It all appears so lovely.
Anyway, this all came about because I'm wearing cowboy boots today and I get made fun of at work just about everytime I wear them. The boys ask if I'm from the country or something and I sort of sigh and say, I wish.

This version of the song Oh Shenandoah almost does justice to the beauty of the area.

I arranged and a played this song at church on the last Sunday we were there. This song still makes me cry every.single.time I hear it. Its been four long years since last I've seen her. Here's praying it won't be seven.

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Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

i dream too of acreage and space and things just right, the smell of wood and leaves and grass and my bedroom in a loft--all by myself--i mean the whole loft is just mine and trav's...bookshelves lined up, cozy reading nooks with warm lamp light...craft room that is a bit of a whirlwind mess... and a kitchen that is not too big, but not too small...ahhhh!