Wednesday, November 24, 2010

just since last week

This video is my new favorite video. The song is fabulous too. Check it.

I wish I had some exciting things to update you with but mostly I've just been incredibly busy with work, school, and church. I actually pulled an all- nighter on Monday night. I haven't done that since I was about 19. Crazy. I got a bad grade on a paper and it threw my whole game off. Yes it was only a B but I worked my butt off on that paper and I know when I've earned a B and when I have not. This was definitely not a B paper. And I only have 3 grades in that class so a B can really throw things off. And this class is such a joke that if I get a B in it I'm going to be pretty annoyed. I got the paper back on Sunday night and the 2nd paper was due on Tuesday. So Monday I was all sorts of off. Currently I am doing my best to keep things in perspective and hoping that I do better on this next paper.
On another note, after bleeding for 22 days I finally went to the doctor and found out that my hormones are in fact out of whack. Now I have a legitimate excuse for why I'm crazy. I got a hormone replacement something or rather and still haven't taken it. The doctor told me that I could try ibuprofen for 2 -3 days and see if that helped and it did. I am blood free now for like 3 days. Gross but great.
Also, have you ever taken a man with you to the gynocologist office? I've never taken my husband with me for all of these years because I had no idea how he would handle it and also I wanted him to think of my private parts as a place of awe and wonder and not as a place of stirrups and medical devices. Know what I mean? Anyway, last week I hit the bleeding emergency stage and he took me to my lady doctor. It was pretty fabulous. You know how they have giant vaginas on the wall, large enough that you feel like you can walk through them? He couldn't stop staring. His eyes were as wide as they get and he kept saying things like - "Wow there are way more parts to this thing than I even knew about" or "wow what does that thing do?" or "I thought I knew all the words but these are some names I've never heard of". I'm pretty sure men know absolutely nothing about what all we do for them in this area. I also think I'm going to take him to every girl appointment now so he can be educated and I can be entertained. My favorite part was when he started touching one of the displays and like seven parts fell off and he had absolutely no idea where they went in order to put it back together. I kept telling him, Yeah Good, put the ovaries by the belly button. Excellent work. :)
Anyway, have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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