Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my birthday

Well, I pretty much made out like a bandit. I put together a little mosaic of the gifts I received...

Some of them are a little off (as in received a table runner but not that one, type thing) but they are certainly fabulous things, no? I think I'm becoming obsessed with Etsy.
My husband took me to a lovely restaurant Saturday afternoon where I had a delicious meal and his wonderful company. Its called La Jolla Groves. Its amazing.

They had every wonderful detail thought out and the display was almost as incredible as the food. It really was so great. (I actually cried - it was beautiful and my husband is sweet and it was just perfect. And I'm still coming down from the hormonal crash so don't be judgin').

After lunch we walked over to Williams-Sonoma and got some cider spices to mull with our homemade apple juice that we pressed a month or two ago.

Needless to say, the day was just wonderful and my husband went to extra lengths to make it that way. Thanks love!
And thanks to everyone on the FB for all the birthday wishes. I feel loved. :)

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