Thursday, September 1, 2011

feeling better

Uh well I feel better now.

I have a lot of freak out moments but then I get over it pretty quickly.

Sorry about all that yesterday.

I did what I always do when I'm getting to that point - I went to the mountains. We walked around on a beautiful tree covered path and sat at the bottom of a waterfall. It was lovely and just what I needed.

What I should tell myself on days like yesterday is stuff like -

You're doing great. You're growing two healthy baby boys and your body is amazing. You're pushing yourself everyday and everyone, including your sweet husband, is proud of you and is just trying to help you.


Your friend just had a baby and it slept in a basket for the first 3 weeks of its life. Don't worry about the crib... rrr cribs. Don't worry about stuff. You'll figure it out. All you really need are car seats to get them home and then some working boobs to feed them. You'll be fine.


Your babies are doing great. They kick you thousands of times a day just to tell you so.

and so on.

On my better days I can tell myself those types of things and I can even mostly believe them.

Plus, you know what today is?


that means fall is just around the corner

aaaahhhhhhh :)

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Nat said...

And just think, since twins are usually a little smaller, they could probably even SHARE a laundry basket! Score! :)