Wednesday, September 7, 2011

baby steps

Well we have now officially bought ONE WHOLE THING for the nursery.

It's a dresser.

It's this dresser:
But instead of it having those boring little knobs, I bought some super awesome hardware called Library pulls.

They look akin to this:

Our labels won't look quite like that though. They'll likely not be written in cursive and in French but rather crude printed English with labels like -

"Ice Cream" or maybe "Cereal"

but instead the drawers will actually contain diapers... :)

This is my idea of how to get Doug to open the drawer... and then proceed to change the poopy diapers.

Genius, right?

Yeah. That should work.

Anyway, we had an appointment last week and an ultrasound and all looks well and good and alien. They are growing just as they should and are healthy and squirmy. They are measuring right at 23 weeks each, which means I'm measuring at like 28 weeks or so. I've gained 20lbs (which is exactly what I was suppose to gain by this point) and I have 20 more to go. Yikes! That means I need to gain about 20lbs in 12-13 weeks.

Luckily I'm really hungry. All the time. Like - I might try and eat this keyboard.

mmmmmmm keeeeybooooard

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Rachel said...

I like your diaper-changing plan! And you're already ahead of us--Forrest just turned one year old, and he still doesn't have a dresser. And the mother of the year award goes to . . . .