Friday, April 29, 2011

a few random things

Turns out when trying to make an au naturale smoothie, one must add 100% pure frozen orange juice. It makes all the difference. Trust me. I drank some fruit sludge a week ago in an attempt to start eating healthier and I can't emphasize enough: orange juice.

I took my final final last night and now I just have to finish up a couple of papers and then I'll be done.


Also I'm planning on totally re-doing my bedroom...again. This will be like the umpteenth time. Doug will probably roll his eyes if/when he reads this. I know I'm ridiculous and knowing is half the battle right? (or so I'm told). The room doesn't get much light so I thought I would just embrace it and paint it a dark color but now I sorta feel like its oppressive. SO Now I'm thinking that if I make it really light and bright that somehow the lack of strong light will balance out the brightness. When I say brightness I'm talking like whites and taupes and stuff, not neon pink. Now that I think about it, I think I hate neon colors. Like in every situation. I think I hate neon colors no matter how they are used. Hmmm. Interesting.

Ok well anyway, what are you doing for the weekend? Its cold here today so we are going to go home and make a nice warm meal and then watch old movies on our fabulous new couch (pictures to come soon). Tomorrow we plan to go to an art exhibit a friend of mine has up. How fancy of us, right?!

Fancy. That's us.

Oh and did I tell you about my souffle disaster? No?

So I attempted to do re-create this beauty--

I mean look at that! Wouldn't you try to make that? Ugh makes me salivate just looking at that.
Anyway, I attempted to use the recipe on the site that I found it on called Canelle et Vanille (found here. Now you may have figured out from the title that blog is not of American origin but "hey," I thought, "neither am I" (I was born in Britain).
So it turns out translating grams into tablespoons and ounces and such was a little beyond my ability level.
So we ended up with something that looked akin to this--

(thats mud, friends)
While eating mud normally doesn't taste that good I was determined that I could still enjoy the chocolate goo.

And I did.

For a while.

And then... well lets just say that it looked pretty much the same going in as it did coming out.

haha. Sorry. Actually not really. I think poop stories and poop jokes are hilarious.

Random fact #123498y4: Even the word "poop" makes me laugh. every.single.time. I hear it.

But I found another version of the recipe, with far less enticing photos, but that is seemingly similar nonetheless and which should suffice. I will try it again tonight and let you know how it goes.

Have a great weekend all!

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