Tuesday, April 26, 2011

mario and brothers


Ha. Mario Mario. Speaking of brothers, I have a couple of them and one of them is in the military and leaves for the Middle East again today... for the 11th time. Can you believe that? Here I am enjoying my busy little life while others (my brother included) are fighting and risking their life in a war that I forget is even going on at times.
I passed my thesis defense and I graduate in 10 days and I made a book for Doug for his birthday of our Europe pictures and it turned out amazing and I bought that white couch from Ikea because I'm crazy but I love it and other things have happened
sometimes it all feels a little stupid or shallow compared to things like someone risking their life in a war so that I can have these little and yet completely wonderful things in my life.

just a little humbling is all... but Mario Mario. Thats funny.

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