Friday, April 22, 2011


Do you have Easter plans? Our Easter will be crazy, as usual. I am putting on the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the teenage girls that I oversee at church. I think they love getting to let their inner kid out and run around in search of candy-filled eggs.

Its supposed to rain on Sunday so I suppose we will be scrambling to provide umbrellas for each of them (posted this umbrella picture before but I just love it!)

I'm also accompanying the church choir on the piano for the Easter service. The song is probably a little beyond my skill level on the piano but I will do my best.

In other news - I took my final class yesterday. It was a strange feeling actually. I still have a few things to finish up. I'm trying to stay focused during these last two weeks. Posting may be a little more sparse than usual.

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Easter!

oh and if you want to read an old but interesting article based on a show about Easter done by ABC's 20/20 that I plan on incorporating into my lesson on Easter on Sunday, check it out here.


Leah Stone said...

Way to Go! No more class. I am crazy jealous. I still have 2 more weeks left. Boo on you!

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

i am going to say a sarcastic statement here: oh, i am so glad that the piano piece is a little beyond your ability, because you never do anything hard. insert visual--rolling of eyes:)

i love you for those trait, that you always do your best and do things that are hard. good luck with the last finishing up details of school, the egg hunt and stuff!