Wednesday, October 6, 2010

random and then some

Blogging is strange. I had someone ask me the other day what type of blog I have. I wasn't really sure how to answer so I said 'random'. I feel that is probably an accurate description. It is sometimes about the happenings in my life. Its sometimes about funny stories or random terrible drawings in the paint program or sometimes about pretty pictures or beautiful music or sometimes about frustrations. Its probably an accurate reflection of me in that its all over the place. So I feel compelled to tell you, whoever you are - and if no one is there then that's fine too, that I do this because I want to and I like to share things.
So share things I shall.
First a few things from me and then a few random pictures and a video and such, because it wouldn't be a post from me if it weren't completely disjointed and all over the place.
I've been reading a book about Clinton (I see all you people rolling your eyes. Just bare with me). Whether you believe in his political ideology or not, we can all agree that the man was a machine. Allow me to elaborate.
He was the president of about 10-15 clubs in high school, mastered the saxophone, and graduated with honors while growing up in an abusive and unsupportive home. He went on to Georgetown, then Yale Law School, and then taught law briefly while running for congress. He was attorney general for Arkansas by 30 and Governor by 32. He stayed in the post (minus a one term loss of office) until he successfully won the office of President at age 46 by beating out an incumbent President. That's a machine, right? He decided when he was 17 that he was going to be President of the U.S. one day and he didn't stop till he got there.
And there are plenty of other examples. Oprah, Mother Teresa, Christ... these people knew who they were/are and everything they do reflects that knowledge. They just find a means to channel it, be it through politics, television, ministry...
I find this fascinating. I reflect on my own life and I think, uh well, where am I going? I feel at times like I'm running as hard as I can only to look up periodically and ask, where was it that I was headed? I think about who I want to become and what type of occupation best fits that and what type of activities help me become that, but its surprisingly difficult to work backwards when you don't know what you're working backwards from. And if you're thinking, well she just needs to figure out who she is and what she wants, then I would ask you, um, how? (sorry for comma splicege).
I could give you the glib answers. I'm a thinker and a problem solver and an artist and a musician and a grand orator, and of course a loser and a winner and a lover and a sinner. Sure. But what the crap does that mean? I don't want to be the sum product of what I do. I want what I do to be the sum product of who I am.
Do I make sense? Maybe this is a little deep. I blame it on the rain outside.
Uh here is some stuff to lighten it up a bit.

some cool albino and half peacocks via mimi & meg

a cool fall scene via birch and lily

a before and after that I think is kinda fabulous via brass petal

a sofa I'm thinking of replacing my leather one with because I'm crazy - via Ikeaa song I think I like but haven't completely decided but leaning towards yes

and another video via that changed how I think of advertising and marketing and how I write proposals and all sorts of things. I'm a Simon Sinek fan now.

ok and that's all the random stuff for now. Thank you. Come again.


Tanya said...

I want to sit at that table with all the leaves. I like to make crunch sounds in leaves, and we don't exactly have a lot of them here. :-)

Ty said...

you know who else blamed it on the rain?

Milli Vanilli.

kenzie said...

albino peacocks? pretty amazing. I love your style jo. I have a hard time when people ask me what I do. Or that I blog. Most people have no idea what its all about.