Thursday, September 30, 2010

apple press loveliness

Sorry my posting has been so sporadic of late. I'm stretched a bit thin right now. My job is going great but now through the end of the year is really busy. I'm finally getting an assistant though, so that should maybe help. And school is fabulous as well but it is fairly demanding. And church stuff is also excellent but again, quite time consuming. So between all those things and then my friend and my dad living with us and trying to be a participant in my marriage... Well you get the idea.
On Tuesday night we had a wonderful activity where we took the female youth that I oversee and the leaders and went to a friend of mine's house up in the woods. He has an apple press. We brought 3 bushels of local apples and made fresh pressed apple cider. It was AH MAY ZING. He, my friend, has a grill right near the apple press and I grilled us up some maple sausage and apple slices that we put on french bread with melted mozzarella. It was SO good. We took pictures which I will share when I get them. And I plan on going back next weekend with my husband and some friends. It was a truly lovely affair.


Tanya said...

So it really does sound like your dad has moved in. Everything okay with him? Haven't talked to him in a while.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds wonderful! We have the next best thing- fresh cider delivered by Craig's grandparents who make it for us. I feel inspired to go buy some sausage now, that sandwich sounds delicious.