Tuesday, October 19, 2010

on supporting the arts

Yesterday there was a busker at my train stop in the center of downtown. He sang about "booze and bibles". He apparently knew quite a bit about part of the topic. My dad, who was toting along with me, threw a few dollars in his case. The man slurred out a "thanks you fer suwportioning the arts" and then gave my 66-year-old dad a hug. I laughed really hard at my dad's startled face. It still makes me smile. Don't you just love watching people in a new environment?


Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

awesome:) especially knowing a tiny bit about your dad

Tanya said...

I sent you a facebook message but wasn't sure how often you logged on. Any idea when we can expect your dad? I'd like to let Addison know since she'll be here by herself. I'm sure your dad will have lots of stories like the above to tell us!