Friday, October 15, 2010

for you from me

I woke up this morning with this song in my head.

It might not be your cup of tea. Its a little intense at parts but man, I like it. I think it will be the theme song of my weekend. Lots of energy and excitement but somehow, still kinda chill. Yeah. That's what I'm going to go for.
This week has been a nice sort of reprieve before the storm. I got a nap and a few good meals and perfect weather and a break from school and to see my husband. I didn't even make a to-do list or goal list (which if you know me, that seldom happens).
But the storm is comin'. The craziness that is the 4th quarter at work and with school and with church... I will tell you what I told my husband - I'm giving myself two break downs. I think that's reasonable. You can expect one sometime around finals, and expect a post around the same time, that questions everything that's going on in my life (like for example this post) to which later I will likely be embarrassed but whatever. The other breakdown is just for good measure. I mean who only expects one breakdown during a 3 month crunch time? Pshah. And in case you are wondering, break downs involve crying a lot while sitting on my husbands lap and explaining how I suck at everything and I can't do this or that and how I don't know why I am doing anything in my life that I'm doing, etc. You guys get that right? Ha.
Anyway, on the docket this weekend is
1. a cornmaze
2. a bon fire with smores and my guitar (playing it, not burning it)
3. getting to see my new little nephew again. i mean check out this cutie...

Do you see Doug holding him? Wow right?

And I'm going to try and work on my gallery wall going up in the guest bedroom. I got this AWESOME drawing of a horse I just framed from one of my favorite little girls in the youth group. It is amazing. When you see it and know it was done by a 14-year-old girl, you will be blown away. You'll be blown away not having that information too, but its just that much more impressive. Its huge too. Its just perfection.
I need to post some pictures of the house soon. The bedroom is painted and the pictures are going up and things are just lovely.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Love you all!

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Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

love your multimedia posts. the song was great. we have decided we need more swell season in our life. have a very good wkend. love you