Thursday, April 1, 2010


Let me tell you about the man I love.
-He loves Walt Whitman. He always quietly smiles when he reads anything Whitman. Start reading Whitman and he will know it is him and he will start to smile.
-He loves words. He is a word smith. If he were reading this, he would be silently editing it while he read. Using words like ostentatious because they're fun and he can.
-He loves music. When I play piano for hours, we will listen for hours. When I stop playing he will ask me to keep playing. He has enough downloaded music to play non stop for months or maybe years. He is moved by music and will even get choked up at times while listening but don't tell him I told you. He doesn't have a favorite genre and I love him all the more for that.
-He loves animals. He talks to them and worries about them and prays for them in our nightly prayers. If he sees a wandering dog, he will always pull over and try and find its owner. No. Matter. What. He tells me animals are in heaven ( which I believe too) and I know heaven wouldn't be such for him if there weren't.
-He loves shoes. He has at least 20 pairs. He won't admit to loving shoes because he thinks it makes him sound like he also loves men, but one of the first things he notices is a person's shoes.
-He loves cereal. He will eat cereal for any meal, any day, any time. He will sometimes opt for cereal over a cooked meal. Its a bad day if he hasn't had cereal.
-He love authentic and funny people. He has an appreciation for fearless, opinionated and real people. He seldom agrees with them but he likes them. And if you've a quick wit, are sarcastic, and especially if you are comfortable with politically incorrect humor, then you are in. Few people are in. So feel special.
-He loves nature. He will pull over on roadtrips just to have a moment in the beauty he sees. He will get so excited when his surroundings are gorgeous and tell me we must live here and come back here and stay here. We have many, many places we must live now.
-He loves me. He adores me. There is no better feeling than knowing someone loves you unconditionally and with all they have. He does and I love him all the more for that.

There are other things about him. He is amazing with directions. He remembers every name of every person he has ever met, or not met for that matter. He gets angry at inanimate objects and while driving. He lies sometimes just to entertain himself. He worries about going bald and about making something of himself.
But I think you can know someone the best by knowing what they love. And I love him.

and for those of you who say barf, the title should've warned you. :)


Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

i so needed this post to remember why we love the man we chose. thanks for posting!

christine said...

well ms. lady, that made me smile. have so much fun on your trip across the pond and (not that i need to say this) take tons of pictures!