Wednesday, April 28, 2010

and after hell came heaven

HHHHHHUUUUUZZZZZZAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Testicles! No, just kidding. Huzzah that I'm DONE! This semester was grueling. I took my last final last night. It took me nearly 7 hours. I'm in a very very very happy place right now. No more school (till I get back) and only 2 DAYS till I leave for Europe. Ha! I'm on cloud 9. I just want to walk around chanting. I mean this time next week I will have moved on to our second country. Woah. I'll be in my last day in Paris. hahahaha. Seriously there is some giddy going on here. Ok. Lets talk itinerary.

April 30 : leave for Europe

May 1-3 : London bridges falling down

May 3-6 : Paris je t'aime

May 6-9: Strasbourg and Black Forest (up till now I have only experienced black forest cake)

May 9-10 : SwissCheeseland and the Alps

May 10-12 : Cinque Terre, Italy :)

May 12-13 : Pisa, Italy

May 13-14 : Civita, Italy - an abandoned fortress to prepare us for...

May 14-17 : ROME - the EMPIRE

May 17-19 : Venice

May 19-20 : Austria

May 20-24 : Munich Germany and home

So yeah, thats all I'm doing for like the next 25 days or so. We are taking the capacity to have a few thousand photos, and days of video so I will be sure to update whenever I can. Its entirely possible that this will be my last post for a little while. I love everyone and everything. I'm just full of love and happiness right now. Lets all go, shall we? :)


Heidi said...

So jealous...but we will never regret our month long vacation! Have a blast!

Babe in Boysland said...

You're going to Civita and Cinque Terra???? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Those places are magical, I swear. I was just talking about Civita last night with Jeff. Seriously, after 2 weeks in Italy those were my two most favortite places!!!! I'm SO jealous and excited for you!!!! I have something so dumb to ask you,I think I better call you so we can talk about this. I'm so excited!!! I wish I was going!!!!!!!!

Babe in Boysland said...

Sorry I spazzed out a little....

Craig and Elizabeth said...

I am just oozing jealousy. Have a wonderful time!!