Thursday, November 12, 2009

TOB: One of Three

Its time I just came out with it. I LOVE THOMAS O'BRIEN. Its a weakness of mine. I've yet to see anything by him that I don't sigh and hold and pause to picture in my home. He is one of my top three favorite designers. I"ll post about the other two another time but today let me just list a few reasons why I enjoy his designs so much. I love his idea of vintage modern. Being secretly 75 years old makes me appreciate antiques and things with a history (for example, our house is 115 years old). But the convenience and utility of modern design has its place. I like his timeless appeal, using classic colors and mixed patterns to create a lived in but beautiful appeal to his designs. I also like the undertones of masculinity. I'm getting carried away but before you roll your eyes and flip the channel, check his video out at and gander at some of his interiors below.

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Mrs. Boojwa said...

Maybe when Ty and I retire, you could jump on board with Joshua and design our house :) I just am not good at this stuff!