Monday, November 16, 2009

Many Thanks

I had a wonderful birthday weekend! I hope everyone else had as fabulous a weekend as I did. This year the only thing I really wanted was to be warm going to and fro campus and work. So my awesome husband got me a warm puffer from JCrew (woot!) and a big warm scarf/shawl from Gap. And just in time as it started snowing on my birthday!

Speaking of JCrew, have you seen their new winter catalogue? Oh to dream. Its lovely. All except for the random villain placed amidst the beauties. Seriously, this guy is sorta creepy looking. (Suits nor JCrew can hide his evil intentions)

I think he looks like he is planning to take over the world in this photo...reminiscent of Pinky and the Brain. ("Hmm I'll start with the JCrew models and then work my way up till I've taken the entire western hemisphere...yes that sounds good")
Later this week I'll be posting about my two other favorite designers and then hopefully by this weekend the before-and-afters of our house will be ready to debut. What a treat!

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