Monday, November 2, 2009

Argyle Pumpkin

So turns out my ambiguous Martha Stewart design didn't turn out, uh, looking like I imagined. Picture wrinkled argyle sock (these are actually pretty cute but here is the visual)

(picture courtesy of Amazon)

And then placed on a pretty orange pumpkin

(picture courtesy of national journal)

Um but if you have something really cool in your mind then erase it and replace it with weird uneven almost diamond shapes and lots of random holes everywhere. The husband thought it would be fun to take a poll of the trick or treaters to see whose pumpkin was best (he created a pumpkin mansion of sorts, complete with chimney from some old pipe, etc) and needless to say, he won. BOO! I'm calling for a rematch next year.

On a happier note, my office mini-me costume was perfection. You know you're lookin good when people are laughing and pointing whilst crying. Yeah BABY!

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