Friday, June 24, 2011

'til you drop

I'm not sure if you know this about me but I mix up sayings all the time. It's actually a little embarrassing. My husband finds it endearing but I think it makes me sound unintelligent so I've started getting really self-conscious whenever I try and use sayings. People say 'party til you drop', yes? I don't know. It was going to be the title to this post but now I change my mind.
In fact, yesterday during the training I was doing I said something like 'biting at the chomp' and someone said, "Isn't it 'biting at the bit'?" I could feel my face go red immediately.
is it chomp or bit?

Speaking of training, I had the opportunity to do my first 2-day training on Wednesday and Thursday. I had a class of about 22 people. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I want this job so bad. It was hard and freaking exhausting (hence party til you drop, or just til you drop, or stop, drop and party, or something like that. Sayings are stupid). I have 2 more to do this summer and then hopefully I will get the thumbs up to begin doing trainings full time. (fingers crossed).

Right now, though, all I want to do is sleep.

This room will do.


cole said...

chomping at the bit! (or even champ… which i don't really know what that word means but it all has something to do with horses and being ready to go).
good luck with the job. i want to say "i know you'll get it" but that sounds really cliche and jinxing… still, i have a hunch you'll pull it off. :)

Leah Stone said...

I do the same thing except mine is usually just the wrong word completely. So close, sounds almost the same, yet entirely not right at all. Love you till you drop.

Elizabeth said...

I can't remember all of our industry jargon so I sound like an absolute idiot when talking to clients or sub-consultants. Which is probably why I tend to be behind the scenes. I can write it out just fine, but speaking intelligently is not my thing. Pregnancy really did kill off a large number of brain cells, which is why I have to stop at two kids. Mostly irrelevant information for you but in closing, good luck with the job!

Tanya said...

Alan makes fun of me for screwing up sayings, too - the other day I said "crisis diverted" instead of "crisis averted." It still sort of made sense to me. Anyway, I'm jealous of your training job - I've dreamed of a job like that for many years but then ended up "training" third graders. Good luck!! P.S. Alan screws up song lyrics: I caught him singing "the sign says delivered" instead of "signed, sealed delivered!"